Tree House Dreaming

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Today I saw a Doctor’s shingle hung for Dr Janus Bonkowski. Awesome. It both makes me thrilled and sad when something real world is more interesting than fiction could get away with being and I see it all the time. It means life is more interesting than we acknowledge that it can be…  wish I could call a character Janus Bonkowski. Its just too cool.

I saw an article today on live tree architecture. Having a tree house is one of my dreams. Another is having a library in which the library is created to look like a wood and the shelves are branches. I plan to call this the Wyrdwood. It seems more possible when you see this sort of thing. Imagine how it would transform your relationship to your home if you lived inside something alive. I would love that. I think the bench shown in the article is lovely.

I’ve finished the first book of the Spiderwick Chronicles and Ottoline and the Yellow Cat. They’re great. So much fun compressed between the covers of each. I love finding good books.

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