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With thanks to June Young  who wrote it and sent it to me.



New Zealand Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Awards

Finalists for the 2009 Sir Julius Vogel Awards Announced

Authors Nominated

The Science Fiction and Fantasy Association of New Zealand is pleased to announce its list of finalists for the 2009 Sir Julius Vogel Awards celebrating popular consumer choice and excellence in science fiction, fantasy and horror. Eligible works are from the 2008 calendar year.

“Deputy Dan & The Mysterious Midnight Marauder” created by Sally McLennan and illustrated by Joel Liochon, has been nominated in the category of Best Professional Publication. This is a fantasy story written entirely in poetry with illustrations on most pages, and about half the artwork in colour.

A full list of finalists by category can be seen at

Voting will take place at Conscription, the 30th New Zealand National Science Fiction Convention, which will be held in Auckland, New Zealand over Queen’s Birthday Weekend, 29 May – 1 June 2009. Conscription is taking place at the Grand Chancellor Hotel in Mangere. Winners will be announced after the Conscription banquet on the Sunday night of the convention.

For more information about Conscription — including how to obtain tickets to attend — please visit

Poet and author Sally McLennan, will be attending Conscription in a private capacity.

If you haven't already seen it…

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Dancing Like a Souped up Road Runner with Happy Feet

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I recieved this wonderful notification a day or two ago:

Sally and Joel

On behalf of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Association of New Zealand Inc. we write to advise that you have been successful in getting onto the final ballot for the 2008 Sir Julius Vogel Awards in the category of  Best Professional Publication  for Deputy Dan and the Mysterious Midnight Marauder.

The voting for the awards will occur at Conscription, to be held over Queen’s Birthday Weekend in Auckland.

I’ve looked at the SSFANZ website and this is what they say about the awards:

Voting on the Sir Julius Vogel Awards takes place before and at the National Science Fiction convention each year. You are eligible to vote if you are a member of SFFANZ, OR a member of the National Science Fiction convention that year. You are only entitled to one vote, even if you belong to both.

I dropped back an e-mail asking how absentee votes may be registered and I will let everyone know as the information comes back to me. I hope that all of you who are members or attending, and who loved the book, will send in a vote for us!

/shameless plug! 🙂