Somewhere Else

Else is a world where giant Minotaurs set the rules. Can a lost girl survive their school for heroes?

When Sarah is swept from a New Zealand sheep farm to Else she struggles to regain her footing. She must learn to navigate a new world and rescue the person she loves most. If she fails both of them will die.

But as Sarah bonds with others around her she is pulled in many directions. How can Sarah save her loved one, help new friends, and equip herself to outlast a bloody and brutal war?

Somewhere Else is the first dark YA fantasy in the Rift Tide Series. If you like traversing worlds, subtle magic, and twists that will set your head spinning you’ll love Sally McLennan’s thrilling new book.

Sally McLennan launches an amazing series in a world of living myth where teens must become not just any heroes, but those from our world’s most beloved stories. Bravo! – Julie E. Czerneda, author of THE GOSSAMER MAGE

Buy Somewhere Else today and journey into an exciting and dangerous new world.