Day of Dragons

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Today I received two dragons from loved ones. The first was a photograph from my mum who has been travelling Europe. She sent it to me to cheer me up as I am about to go holidaying and have a rather horrible head cold. So here is my cheering dragon:

I did find him oddly cheering. He’s adorable and my mum’s idea of a cheering dragon has amused me vastly. So cute. So in the midst of death throes.

The second dragon arrived with the post and is rather a more lively Queen. She is an original art work by my friend Pia Ravenstein who may be found on deviant art if you want one of her lovely pieces. Here she is in all her beauty:

I am very chuffed to have her watching over my work.

Finally I got a lovely note from Charlotte (7) who came to the book launch in Christchurch. She tells me that she thinks my next book should be called Deputy Dan Discovers the Storm Stirrer. As titles go thats just nifty!