A Must Have

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I’m thrilled that this design is affordable if only I can source it. Retailing for about $40USD the pop up book that doubles as a functioning lamp is totally adorkable and a must have for this book geek. Bravo to Takeshi Ishiguro the designer.

Things I love Thursday

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1) Owl in a Box!

2) Glamour Bombing. Via Gwennies’ Twitter feed I give you Invisible Dogs –

Improv Everywhere rock.

3)Sunny days in the middle of rainy weeks.

4) Being in the same town as my sister

5) Catherynne Valente

6)Ezythai Express in Lower Hutt. Their duck soup is great also the Holy Basil Chicken (pad grapow gai).

7) This excerpt from a Boingboing article about Nasa’s initial attempts to involve women in the space program:

“The (ultimately unsuccessful) charge was led by Randy Lovelace–the doctor responsible for putting together health tests for astronaut hopefuls during the original Mercury 7 selection process…”

Another case of names you would never get away with in (non-spoof) science fiction.