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Today I went to the library. Its been a long time… but I have had to face the fact that my taste for books outstrips my book budget. Joel has been citing authors and artists in recent times and getting a look that mingles patience and frustration on the occasions when I don’t know who they are. Clearly, I am at risk of allowing my budget to cause me to fall behind the times in my reading, and my brain to atrophy. So, once more, I have become a library fanatic user. This afternoon’s adventure added these titles to my book pile for devouring:

  • Ottoline and the Yellow Cat by Chris Riddell
  • Spiderwick Chronicles Book 1: the Field Guide by DiTerlizzi and Black
  • I am Legend by Richard Matheson
  • Smoke and Mirrors by Tanya Huff (as recommended by Binky von Binkenstein)
  • Charles Vess’s Book of Ballads… I suspect this is one I will seriously want to own
  • Catwoman: When in Rome by Tim Sale and Jeph Loeb *
  • Sorcery Rising by Jude Fisher

While I was there I spotted the ticket sales table for the Christchurch Press Writers Festival. It was a lucky break. I’d been meaning to look into it and had no idea how scarce tickets are. I got the last ticket for one event and second to last for another. I am going to

The Human Cost

The Age of the Warrior

Is the Ditch too Deep

The Brain that Changes Itself

I’m really fascinated to hear what Robert Fisk has to say about his journey – particularly as it relates to the Arab world. Insights into the human brain and just how hard it is or isn’t for a kiwi author to sell their writing in Australia also promise to be fascinating.

Finally, I heard from the Van Asch School for the Deaf with an invitation to go to their performance of Oliver. I’m really looking forward to seeing the kids in action and am considerably excited about it. I will have to remember to wear my butterfly brooch.

Now, I hear, a storm is approaching which promises lots of rain and high winds. Its been a gorgeous day but suddenly it is starting to cool off. So… what to do but rug up with all those books and start feeding my imagination again.

*I enjoy quality graphic novels and catwoman is a favourite character. The art looks beautiful.

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