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Joel and I had a fantastic two hour art meeting today – perhaps the best yet for progress. There was some lovely stuff there <3 We have a massive chunk of the book all done but theres still quite a long way to go, and time is creeping, so I’ve set him a hard week. He had a couple of pieces that were ‘blocks’ for him so we are trying to tackle those, get them right, and finished. *fingers crossed*

Afterwards, I was hungry for Japanese. I drove my car down Japanese Restaurant Lane (Gloucester St, Christchurch) and parked my car in the only spot that was vacant. Right beside me was a restaurant that I’d never seen before, Tatsumi, and in moments I’d persuaded Ilka to end his homeward march and turn around to join me for food. It was a very successful adventure. Tatsumi had been open a week in a spot that used to feature a sub-interesting Japanese restaurant. Its fantastic! Every dish was a winner and we had six plates, rice, miso, alcohol and tea for two for $60. My favourite was the rare smoked venison, with blue cheese, drizzled in truffle oil. The chicken teriyaki meatballs in ponzu sauce were nice. I suspect the place will become very, very popular.

Through the night last night I could hear white cat and Noo playing on the roof thunderously but he wouldn’t come and visit me to be caught. So I just smiled at the fun that was being had, and daydreamed about owning a long eared Jerboa as a pet, in some ideal world where that was possible.

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