Beagles and Resurrection

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I was delighted to hear that Peter S Beagle is finally being paid some of the profits from the movie of his book The Last Unicorn. Well done to the new CEO of ITV for a sensible and ethical response to the situation. I am really looking forward to seeing the new, remastered movie. Hopefully, he might screen it at Worldcon in 2013.

I am also thrilled that Chapter 11 of  Somewhere Else is wrapped. It ended up coming in at just over 5000 words. I have already written and typed up Chapter 13 – so I am hard at work on Chapter 12 – titled “Resurrection.” It has currently got 511 words all of its very own – aww bless ^^ It should be really coming to life shortly! [/puns].  In the week ahead, there should also be baby steps on this website and on the map Nani Mahal is making for me of the camp.

Finally, a message of support for people occupying cities all over the world. Thank you for providing a voice for so many people who don’t have one otherwise.

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