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It has turned out to be a brilliant thing that I booked a hotel room without a television in a place of few distractions. I added around 2,500 words to Somewhere Else yesterday and I have done 1200 today and counting. I hope to pass 2000 words by today, too. That makes a nice little pile of words.

I am finally writing the “Bloody Bats” sequence I have been looking forward to for months. The placement of it had been bothering me heavily so I had put it off. Everything clarified for me here and I realised it wanted to go later in the book. Much later.

I wonder if I will get any written tomorrow after river rafting? I wonder how much more Grave Robbing and General Insanity my characters will endure from me before I get to join what is now in the story line up to the Bloody Bats sequence?

Most of all I am wondering how many words total I have written on this novel. I am one of those who writes everything longhand before typing it up. I have almost no idea how long the novel is at this point as I haven’t typed words up for ages. I am carrying around my leatherbound writing book quite protectively. I think I must have passed 60,000 words by now. I think…

Goodnight from Korotoga!

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