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At the end of last week I received another bundle of letters from Room Three. What a lovely bunch they are. I will be sending a reply along momentarily.

I have been working with artist Nani Mahal on the new website and it is really coming together. Nani says that she will soon have art ready to go into digital production and then… and then… with a bit a magic from the spider at the centre of my web I will soon have a new look right here. We used this ink pot as inspiration for the one that will be seen in the design she is making:

We both love art nouveau. We are also incorporating a gift my mother gave me, a family crest, and the book I am writing in at the moment (I do most of my first drafts longhand).

I’m pretty excited about getting a new web design and Nani’s work. Nani will also be creating the maps for the inside covers of Somewhere Else.

I just had a second lesson with my lute guitar. I now know how to position my fingers properly and how to tune the beastie. I have a long journey ahead of me to become anything like competent but I have taken two steps and I am loving it.

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