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Today we’ve had breakfast in the sun on the balcony. Its almost over the ocean and we sat and chatted while we spotted wild life and did various puzzles from the paper. A really big stingray came into the jetty. Its hard to tell how big from so high up but it was certainly no smaller than the dinghys on the pier. There was a man sitting on that jetty with his feet in the water right there, looking around, daydreaming. We kept thinking he must have seen the ray as it was right under his feet but he looked first one way, and then the other, apparently oblivious. He wasn’t in any danger so the two hands in the air jump of fright when he finally saw that his toes dangled over a wild animal the size of a small vehicle was funny! He scrambled up and then waved at us, realising we’d been trying to let him know for a while, and then we all peered at the huge thing until it slipped under the jetty. Five minutes later a family with small children spotted it and the kids were fascinated. They sat and watched the stingray for ages, quietly. Just today I suppose Ive seen fifteen rays from up here but that is one of the biggest ever.

Yesterday we went and saw The Kite Runner. Its highly recommended. There wasn’t a dry eye in the cinema. Its a beautiful and haunting movie.

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