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Yesterday was a day of appointments. I met Joel and we ended up having a very convivial steak dinner together. I like him more and more. He has asked me if I would consider doing the text for the graphic novel he has been working on! I said yes, but lets focus on the story at hand first.

And Now… ahead of walking the dog, to be followed by much work on Deputy Dan, I am going to get a large dinner with coffee from Le Cafe. I’m taking Wicked Women of the Raj. We have a date. One thing I’m truly enjoying about that book is all the fabulous names it records. I liked Wolfe Finke the lawyer. Contrary to expectations he was an exemplary fellow who lived to give his all to his wife and daughters. And the “great Imperial Explorer Sir Francis Younghusband.” Hurrah! Lets not forget the daughter of a highwire walker, Stella Mudge, who married a maharajah and was buried under the legend “Stella Mudge; a fable” by an unknown benefactor after she died alone and destitute! And those scheming women Olive Monolescue and Dolly Parnell… it wouldn’t have been believable if it were fiction. Life is more colourful than make believe.

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